Sustainable Village and Farmers

Sustainable Village and Farmers

The objective of sustainable village is to create an example amongst all the villages to follow - a village that generates cash crops and creates a green economy by earning from its green backyard orchards and existing farms through innovative farming techniques and agroforestry. A village that’s clean and green, a village that is conserving rain water to increase ground water and creating their own water resources and a village that uses renewable sources of energy (solar lights).

To achieve this goal we focus on:

  • Water conservation - We rejuvenate existing water bodies and create new ones, we setup rainwater harvesting units to tap rain and flowing stream/river water to increase water table and use this water for irrigation and natural safe drinking water.

  • Agroforestry And Cash Crops - We create sustainable income source by livelihood fruits tree plantation and provide technical and innovative agriculture/horticulture methods training from across the globe to increase per capita income in just a few years.

  • Renewable Energy Sources - Lighting streets and roads after sunset by installing Solar powered lamps

  • Green Economy - by training to community members for cash crops agroforestry, local handicraft etc.

Apart from these areas we support and provide guidance in financial literacy, for the village to avail government schemes, create SHG etc.

Green Yatra is working in many villages to create self-sufficient communities outside Mumbai through projects which involve installing solar lamps, training communities in local handicrafts, rejuvenating existing water bodies and installing water pumps, and conducting livelihood tree plantations. In doing so, we create a self-sufficient and sustainable village for farmers and rural communities.