Pedh Lagao

Pedh Lagao पेड़ लगाओ

Pedh Lagao पेड़ लगाओ is dedicated to planting #10CroreTREESby2025 across India in and around metropolitan cities, for a green, pollution-free and healthy environment. We have saved, protected and planted millions of trees with over 90% survival rate through our various types of plantations - Urban, Rural Livelihood And ‘MASS TREE PLANTATION’.

We regularly maintain and help our planted saplings to become mature trees.

Urban Plantations

  • Miyawaki Forest

    With India's rapidly growing population and shrinking cities converting into concrete jungles, the need for clean air is urgent. We need a solution which can bring exceptional results in less time and space. Miyawaki urban forests are the answer.

    Forests grown under the Miyawaki method grow 10 times faster, 30 times denser and 100 times more biodiverse compared to a monoculture plantation By producing forests that are also 30 times better at carbon dioxide absorption and better noise, dust reduction and surface area, we get a 100 native, 100 organic and 100 year old forest in just 10 years

  • Urban Conventional Plantations

    In the effort to make cities green we try to take up any opportunity presented to plant trees on protected landscapes such as housing societies, schools and college campuses, public/government gardens, and grounds. Thereby increase greenery, fresh air and habitats for fauna to benefit local communities.