About Us

Our Journey

Green Yatra began in early 2008 with the Go Green Ganesha campaign, in response to witnessing the usage of excessive amounts of PoP plastic to make Ganesha statues during the Ganpathi festival. Pradeep and Durgesh (Founders of Green Yatra) believed that this is not the ideal way to celebrate because it is harmful to the environment and our health, and as ecofriendly alternatives already exist. And so, they initiated the Go Green Ganesha project within their locality, targeting schools, colleges and housing communities. Following the huge success and positive response towards this program, they began Go Green Kids. It was an innovative education initiative to sensitize and educate children towards environmental protection and improvement-with the motive that kids will teach their parents to go green in their everyday lives and be responsible towards nature. In 2010, Green Yatra registered as an NGO and expanded to thousands of schools, colleges and housing societies, after which Zaroorat, Green Youth Green India and many more environmental projects began.

The passion to reduce pollution and support farmers through planting trees continued to drive Green Yatra towards mega projects in rural areas and mass tree plantations. With the realization that innovation is needed in the plantation field to respond to the need for nature in our urbanizing cities, the Miyawaki Dense Forestation method was adopted. Green Yatra started with few trees and today continues to plant lakhs of trees every year. Our work aims to connect people with nature in urban spaces through tree plantations and rejuvenating the ecosystem. Our focus is to fight the climate crisis and therefore we are working to provide sustainable solutions for a greener world through our projects Ecosystem Rejuvenation (Air, Water, Soil) and Sustainable Solutions. We continue to involve communities, raise awareness, and encourage implementation on the ground, ultimately working together to create a healthy and pollution-free India.

Our Vision

A well-balanced ecosystem, efficient natural resource use and green pollution-free earth for our present and future generations and all creatures living in it.

Our Mission

To sensitize people about the value and importance of the environment, environmental issues and its adverse impact on our lives and empower them to contribute to a sustainable and GREEN world.


Get To Know Us

Green Yatra team consists of qualified and passionate professional with Graduation, Masters and PhD in Social work, Environment , Agroforestry, Taxonomy, Botany, Horticulture, Water Conservation, Rural Development, Natural resource management, Psychology and Doctors, CA, CFA, MBA, LLM etc. from reputed institutes like, New York University, IIM, TISS, KVK, MU, DU etc.

Our team is expertise's in project planning, implementation, execution and management-giving the best possible experience to our corporate partners and volunteers and harnessing innovative ideas to sustain planet earth.

Our Core Team


Pradeep Tripathi

  • Passionate Nature Lover, Think-tank, Visionary, Focused on Ecosystem (Air, Water, Soil) Rejuvenation.

Durgesh Gupta
Legal, Operations and Finance

  • An Environment Passionate. Looking after legal, finance, operation, project and fund management.

Anjana Kaura
Corporate Relations and Strategy

  • Thought leader with diverse experience in MSME, supply chain finance, retail, wholesale and digital loans. Passionate about environmental sustainability, all things ESG.

Nidhi Sharma

  • BE, IIM-C Alumni, Entrepreneur. She is a seasoned administrator, smart marketer, negotiator and media communications expert.

Ambika Gandotra
Corporate Relations Management

  • She has 15+ years of experience with NGO, Media & Corporates with a background of Marketing Management from NMIMS

Middle Management

Siddharth Ingle
General Manager
Agriculturist | Botanist | Ecologist

  • He is a passionate for Ecosystem Restoration and Biodiversity Conservation to fight with Climate Change for a sustainable Planet.

Madhavi Bhalekar
Sr. Program Manager (CSR and Sustainability)
Masters in Environmental Science

  • She is a dedicated environmentalist with over 9 years of experience in mangrove conservation, coupled with expertise in CSR and sustainability project management, committed to safeguarding our planet's vital ecosystems.

Deepak Saigal
Sr. Program Manager
Bachelor in Management Studies

  • Has a background in business administration, with more than five years of experience in the NGO sector. Skilled in project execution and associated responsibilities, adept at navigating the intricacies of nonprofit organizations to drive impactful initiatives forward.

Himakshi Parmar
Senior Program Manager
Ph.D.- Environment Science

  • She is an extrovert for a healthy environment,believing in the power of collective action to create change and dedicating her work to finding sustainable solutions with a special focus on urban water management and monitoring.

Field Team

Bhavesh Jogadiya
Program Manager
Civil Engineer

  • He has strong interest in designing practical solutions to benefit of the environment. He looks after project planning, execution and management.

Raj Dwivedi
Operation Manager

  • A passionate environmentalist, who looks after operation and execution of different projects. He also supports in admin and workshops activities.

Santosh B Ghuge
Program Manager
Master's in Social Work (Rural Development)

  • Working with youth to connect with Agriculture related business. nature loving, organic farming, strength in capacity building Work planning and execution, Problem solving and data analysis

Prathmesh Kesarkar
Project Coordinator

  • He is a biologist with a master degree in Botany. His interest is in plant identification & managing field work.

Rushabh Chaudhary
Project Coordinator

  • He believes in reconnecting urban populace with nature. Master in Botany with specialization in Plant taxonomy. He looks after project research and execution.

Alok Pandey
Project Coordinator
Water Expert

  • He is engaged in our water body restoration projects. He is planning, executing and maintaining the water bodies in sustainable way.

Rahul Sharma
Program Manager
Ph.D. Environmental Science

  • He is a botanist and biodiversity conservationist. With a background in botany, he has extensive fundamental knowledge of plant systematics, the reproductive biology of plants, urban biodiversity dynamics, and plant-animal interaction.

Kshitiz srivastava
Site coordinator
B Tech (mechanical)

  • Experienced Computer Aided Design Designer with a demonstrated history of working in the Mechanical or Solar engineering industry. Skilled in AutoCAD. Currently he is working in revive ponds, protecting and establishment of forests in India.

Deeraj Thapa
Project Manager
Msc. Forestry (Gold Medalist)

  • He is a passionate advocate for environmental conservation, dedicated to protecting our planet's precious natural resources through activism, education, and sustainable living practices.

Office Team

Sandra Pereira
Sr. Program Coordinator (Sustainability)
M.Sc. Wildlife Management

  • Sandra is a budding Ornithologist, who loves spending time in the forest and learning about the various fauna found around. She has worked in the sustainability sector for over 3 years, and is excellent at public speaking.

Himali Mohite
Project Executive
M.Sc Botany

  • She is a botanist who loves observing all aspects of nature, especially plants. Alongside this, animals fascinate her as well and are what drive her to work in this field.

Kajal Gangan
Project Executive
M.Sc in Environmental Science

  • She is dedicated to assisting in mangroves restoration projects, passionately exploring new environmental endeavors, and embracing challenges with enthusiasm.

Abhishek Anand
Research Associate

  • He is deeply committed to a philosophy of lifelong learning, consistently seeking out opportunities for exploration and growth, even when confronted with daunting challenges that serve to broaden his understanding and skill set.

Kayden Anthony
Senior Program Manager (Social Media)
Masters in Wildlife, Biodiversity, Conservation and Management

  • A passionate individual deeply devoted to wildlife,expressing a strong inclination towards its beauty and intricacies.Has a fondness for storytelling, utilizing videos to captivate and educate others about the marvels of the natural world.

Jehu Pandian Nadar
Social Media Executive

  • Likes to observe Native Wildlife & to find solutions to ecological issues.

Dimple Jadiwal
Human Resources
Management Studies

  • As an HR professional, she designs talent strategies, driving organizational success by recruiting, developing, and fostering supportive workplace cultures for purpose-driven alignment.

Honorary Advisors and Experts

Bharat Kushare
Agronomy scientist

  • Msc. Agriculture (Agronomy). He is a senior scientist in KVK Dahanu, Palghar, with over 15 years of experience and expertise in soil, organic farming, vermicomposting and integrated nutrient management, cultivation of cereals, pulses, oilseed and field crops. He has also headed a gronomy department of an agricultural college in Nashik for many years.

Prashant Agale
Community mobilization expert

  • Master in Social Work, Pursuing PhD in Social Work. A dimensional social worker from the heart with 20+ years of working experience in the rural and urban area. He has worked with UNICEF and TISS. He is an executor, project implementation expert and got a valuable network of mobilizing communities and resources.

Ashish Tripathi
Financial and legal consultant

  • Since inception of Green Yatra he has provided his expertise. He is a tax advisor by profession, a Chartered Accountant by qualification. He has advised various Indian CSR, social development and sports related projects to realize its full potential to benefit from robust compliance with tax and regulatory framework. He is currently working with Ernst & Young in the United Kingdom.

Mukesh S. Jangid
Tax and audit consultant

  • He is B.Com, FCA, ACS holder with 7 years of experience in all fields of Professional Practices which include Income Tax, Trust Audit, Corporate Finance, Company Law Matters, Corporate Audit, Bank Branch Statutory Audit.

Beyond our Core Team, our Green Yatra family extends to many more Field Coordinators and Support Staff