Bag for Cause

Bag for Cause

Go plastic FREE, save nature, empower underprivileged women

Bag for Cause works to save the environment from harmful and deadly plastic, whilst simultaneously empowering underprivileged and tribal women. Plastic, non-woven bags and E-waste all have very hazardous impacts on our environment and both human and animal lives. It is destroying the marine ecosystem by killing marine life. Plastic bags have also been one of the major reasons for the heavy floods in Mumbai and Chennai due to gutter blockages.

How it works

  • We identify needy women in the rural and urban areas, provide design training sessions for bag stitching and also try to give them sewing machines. We are currently working with individual women in rural and urban areas. An individual woman can make 15-60 bags daily, allowing her to economically sustain herself.

  • We are appealing to corporates, individuals, housing societies etc. to help us to arrange sewing machines and a transportation vehicle to further this cause.

Why Bag for Cause

  • Promotes responsible waste management.

  • Plastic use minimization - we encourage people to use cloth bags instead of plastic bags.

  • Women empowerment - empower them for livelihood generation.

Exchange Your Raddi with Cloth Bags

We are appealing to housing societies, companies, corporates, schools, colleges to collect and donate their dry waste and E-waste to Bag for Cause. In return we will gift them both low cost (Bags for daily needs such as grocery) and better quality designed clothes/canvas/cotton Tote /Jute bags with witty environmental quotes and messages that people can use for shopping, office, college and such other purpose.

What You Can Donate

  • Dry Waste

  • Newspapers, raddi , old books, notebooks, carton, cardboard, magazines, both side printed waste papers, tetra packs, plastic bottles, boxes, bags, empty cans, metal scrap etc.

  • E-Waste

  • Items such as TV appliances, computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, cameras, fridges, washing machines, dryers, stereo systems, toys, toasters and kettles etc.

We accept bulk orders and do customizations as per requirements.
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