Climate Education

Climate Education


We constantly strive to engage in innovative ways with corporates and brands to help restore the ecological balance and biodiversity through a profitable and sustainable model.

We are certain that Climate Action and other SDGs that will assist India in meeting its Net Zero target can only be accomplished via coordinated efforts. But, at the forefront, there is awareness, a powerful weapon that may enable us as a community to come together and examine the problem from the ground up, understanding what it takes to be a truly sustainable society.

Consequently, we at Green Yatra are driving this change by educating the vast majority, i.e. the working class, about 'Climate Change and Sustainability,' where we educate corporates about the challenges and root causes of climate change, the importance of Greenhouse Gases, what the Sustainable Development Goals are, and some easily achievable daily life solutions to embark on a sustainability journey.


  • To sensitize common people and corporates to engage in Climate action

  • Incorporate the teachings of the SDGs in daily lives of common people

  • Provide corporates with the knowledge and resources to make sustainable lifestyle changes in their office and personally

  • To provide a platform to corporates to interact with nature


  • Climate education session with choice from 4 to 5 different topics (Climate Crisis, Sustainable Lifestyle Tips, Greenwashing, Know your Carbon Footprints and similar other topics).

  • Nature walk at a nearby Miyawaki plantation site with an expert from Green Yatra.

  • Knowledge of lesser known and interesting facts on the biodiversity created by us, and facts about the forest, native species, etc. studied at our site.

  • Tree plantation exposure to the corporate team where they can plant the trees and can get practical experience for the same.