Miyawaki Dense Forest

Miyawaki Dense Forest

  • No. of tree planted : 60,000+

  • No. of species planted : 50+

  • Total area of project : 05+ acres

Nisarg Udyan (Old Dumping Yard)

This was the old dumping yard located at Navi Mumbai. Before development of this garden, the site was used for dumping municipal solid waste for almost 17 years since 1987. This land contents 29 lass MLT. of municipal solid waste beneath the grade, the height of waste varies from 7m. to 8m.

Nisarg Udhyan Miyawaki forest has transformed a neglected part of Kopar Khairane urban space and is now started to attract attention from local people. Started to achieve its key goals such as attraction of local biodiversity and engagement of people with nature.

Improved aesthetic appeal of the whole area. In the long run, the project will assist in lowering the temperature and increasing the air quality of the area. This is one of the prime locations in Kopar khairane, the project is attracting the attention of varied stakeholders such as local as well people in adjoining cities, school children, tourists, etc.

It will make aware of these stakeholder topics such as biodiversity, native plants, etc. Our project execution has generated a steady source of employment for hundreds of tribal people in rural regions of Palghar district (Maharashtra).