Livelihood Plantation

Livelihood Plantation

  • No of the project completed : 98

  • Geography of project :
    Maharashtra - 80,
    Delhi - 2,
    Chennai - 1,
    Greater Noida - 11,
    Uttar Pradesh - 1,
    Gujarat - 2,
    Goa - 1

Impact of the fruit plantation:

The fruit plantation program is divided into two phases. First phase was taken place from 2013 to 2017 and second phase was taken place from 2018 to 2022.

The fruit plantation took place in first phase are impacting very positively on the lives of the farmers for generating sustainable livelihood. The farmers at Pahare, Zedke, Pirpada, Usgaondam, Nimbavali, Gorad Mohabdul, Usgaondam,Nimbavli and Gorad villages of Bhiwandi and Wada tahsils of Thane and Palghar are earning substantial bucks through the selling their agri -based products.

The earning has increased their purchasing power which has impacted positively on their socio economic situation. They are using money for repairing their homes, educational purpose of their children and purchasing agricultural equipments. The plantation has not only impacted on their socio economic but also changed their perspective towards advanced agricultural, planting fruit trees, intercropping for their overall development.

Along with fruit production, they are also benefitting from development schemes of the government.

The fruit provide rich nutritional food to their family while the sale of the surplus fruits supplements their income. The plantation program have collectively helped in developing saving habits, reducing dependence on moneylenders and one can see growing confidence amongst the farming community.

This plantation program has prevented the land from degradation since a vegetation cover has created through plantation program. Plantation has created shelters for creatures.

Plantation program is also support to eradicate carbon footprints in the area. Supply hundred percent pure airs for breathing for people residing in the area. Eventfully, it is impacting positively on the life span of the human being. Also supporting to stable the growing temperature of globe.

However, the results of plantation done in second phase are in pipeline. The plants will most probably start fruit bearing this year. However, few plants had got flowers last year. These are indication of fruit bearing.