Carbon Footprint Auditing

Carbon Footprint Auditing

Why is a Carbon Audit SO important

First we must admit that climate change is everyone’s problem. No agency, government or scientist alone can “fix it” for us. We are all in this together.

  • Increasing concentration of Greenhouse Gases (GHG) in the atmosphere is accelerating climate change

  • According to the National Geographic, carbon dioxide (CO2) accounts for approximately 3/4ths of all GHG’s

  • Every activity we perform produces emissions

  • To reduce emissions, our lifestyle needs to change

Study of Carbon Footprint Auditing of an Defence Campus

Miyawaki Forest Plantation to offset the CO2

Impact –

  • Started to achieve its key goals such as attraction of local biodiversity and engagement of people with nature.

  • Improved aesthetic appeal of the whole area.

  • In the long run the project will assist in lowering temperature and increasing air quality of the area.

  • Many plants have achieved good girth and some plants have started fruiting.

  • It’s a biodiversity hotspot of the locality home of many birds and other species.

  • It will provide food, rich shelters and home to birds and small animals/ insects like squirrels, ants, millipedes, centipedes etc

  • Will provide fruits to residents

  • Total campus area is 20 acres area.

Phase 1

  • No. of tree planted - 10000+

  • No species planted - 40+

  • Total area of project - 2500 sq.m

Phase 2

  • No. of tree planted - 15000+

  • No species planted - 40+

  • Total area of project - 5990 sq.m