Water Body Restoration

Water Body Restoration

  • Total area of lake – 28 Acres

  • Total litres of water stored/ conserved – 51 crore litres of Rain Water

  • Unique Feature - Healthy Fishes seen, 5K Native Saplings, Birds etc.Treated Water used for Saplings excess flow into downstream lake.

We also have restored following Ponds in Delhi & Noida

  • Gollahalli,Near Bannerghatta National Park

  • Rampur Majra Pond

  • Salempur Gurjar Pond, GB Nagar, UP

  • Udayawali Pond, Thora, GB Nagar, UP

  • Rauni Pond- Area-0.341Ha

  • Azampur Gadhi Pond -Area-0.6890 Ha, GB Nagar

  • Kot Pond

  • Chauganpur Pond- Area-1.037Ha, Greater Noida,

  • Roopwas Pond - Area-1.2Ha, Greater Noida

  • Chithera Pond

  • Chiteher Village Pond

  • Bilaspur Pond


  • This 28+ acres lake holding 4.75 lakhs cubic meters of water

  • About 200-300 Bore wells recharged around the lake of 4-5 kms radius.

  • Impact on 5500 lives and 4 villages with better quality drinking water

  • Excess sewage treated water flowing out of the lake will support about 50-75 acres of nearby lands for agriculture apart from their Bore-well

  • It is ecologically revived lake with ancient technics

  • No stone pitching, concrete, steel or any modern materials used, because they have got self-life

  • Maintenance Free: No electricity, chemicals, equipment used, which require monthly maintenance cost

  • Native species flora and fauna is support surrounding ecosystem

  • Evaporation and percolation balanced in such ways that, in monsoon season it will be full, in winter it will be 70% and during summer water level will be 50%, so that there is a proper cycle

  • Sewage water and rain water will never mixed in this lake therefore water quality will remain good

  • Encroachment Proof: Since the walking track is placed at the edge of the lake boundary, it is not possible for neighbours to encroach it in future. Fencing or grills can be removed and sold also it’s easy to encroach back

  • Self-Sustainable Lake: Entire lake is designed in a such ways that without human interference it can sustain except watering the plants for 2 years

  • Considered under water, birds, animals and mammals comfort in terms their food, resting, nesting is well planned

  • Flowers and fruits will bringing more pollinators like bees and butterflies so that surrounding farmers crops yield will be increased at least 10- 20% or more

  • It also connects various people into lake by walking, jogging and water sports, fishing time.