Sustainable Solutions

Sustainable Solutions

Sustainability- is the ability to meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.

It is the integration of social development, economic growth and environmental protection dimensions to solve a problem. No matter how big or small - every step towards sustainability makes an impact to save our planet and its resources. Responsible companies and individuals are taking steps towards a greener future. It’s time for you to be part of the change, the revolution...

Implementing sustainable solutions-

  1. We design, plan and provide solutions on how you can make a difference in the wider community through implementing sustainable solutions.
  2. We guide you about making your existing office premises and buildings green, by analyzing your water, energy and waste consumption.

It may seem overwhelming and inconvenient, but our sustainable solutions for your needs through innovation lead to a positive impact for people, as well as benefits our planet.

Why? For Us and Our Children

As per the United Nations, we only have 12 years to limit climate change catastrophe (2018).

Theearth is designed to sustain symbiotically - every species, water droplet, air molecule and even humans are all inter-dependent on each other. As pollution and contamination increases, we too will cease to exist.

This requires US to act NOW. Strategic investment supporting the change to low-carbon, clean and sustainable growth will lead to economic gains and healthy lifestyles.



  • High savings by reducing consumption, efficient resource productivity and optimize material utilization
  • Savings of net income
  • Improved operational and management efficiency
  • Strategic advancement to comply with regulations
  • Increases property value
  • Fiscal stability with potential rise in water and energy costs


  • Fosters healthy urban lifestyle
  • Extends customer relations and staff support
  • Boosts brand image and competitive advantage
  • Lowers healthcare expenditure
  • Boosts productivity and learning capacity
  • Connection to nature


  • Long term management of resources at optimum level - water, energy, food and waste
  • Reduction in pollution, waste, toxic emissions
  • Extends customer relations and staff support.
  • Preservation of natural services dispensed by forests, rivers, mountains - ecosystems
  • Lower air pollutant and CO 2   emissions
  • Protect threatened species, wetlands, cultural areas, and pristine natural areas

Waste Footprint

India generates 2 lakh tonnes of waste every day, but how much are we really recycling? Did you know that only 30% of all waste is treated in environmentally friendly methods. The other 70% is causing public health concerns, landfill shortage and environmental constraints.

A waste audit is the qualitative and quantitative study of waste generated. It involves identifying waste streams, handling waste and disposal methods. We develop feasible solutions to segregate, minimize and optimize waste generation streams - aiming for a zero-landfill approach.


  • Cost savings
  • New revenue sources
  • Improved resource efficiency
  • Reduction in environmental footprint
  • Safeguard urban and public health
  • Branding and publicity

Water Footprint

21 megacities in India wont have their own ground water by 2020. Water is the most basic need for our survival. It plays a vital role in business, farming and our community.

A water audit is an instrument to analyze water consumption, water loss, contamination and the associated costs.

We study the data and determine sustainable solutions to conserve water, minimize wastage and generate savings through efficient management and monitoring.


  • Reduce water bill - cost savings
  • Conserve fresh water resources
  • Reduce load on municipal treatment plants
  • Reduction in environmental footprint
  • Improve knowledge of water distribution, consumption and loss.
  • Secure fresh water for future generations

Energy Footprint

72% of India’s electricity is currently being produced by coal fired plants. Dependence on non-renewable resources is the primary cause of climate change. Technological advancement depends on energy use, but at the cost of our health and the planets health.

An energy audit is the systematic management of energy flow of an office or operations to conserve energy input without negatively arraying output.

We inspect your premise to devise cost-effective strategies which increase its performance, prolongs life and minimizes your overall expenses.


  • Reduce energy bill and operating costs
  • Reduction in production cost - improved competitiveness
  • Boost property value
  • Increased energy security
  • Reduce emissions and pollution - lessen environmental impact.
  • Discover unaccounted usage and loss in system

Carbon Footprint

India is the 3rd largest emitter of Green House Gas (GHG) emissions. GHG emissions is the most accountable element in disrupting our sustainable endeavor, which is directly linked to our water, energy and waste management.

The carbon footprint is the measurement of GHG emissions produced directly or indirectly by any activity or organization.

We measure and manage the bio-capacity required to offset untreated carbon and negate carbon buildup in the atmosphere, and reduce your overall carbon footprint.


  • Financial savings
  • Reduction in environmental footprint
  • Comply with national and international norms and regulations
  • Improve brand credibility and attract new and retain stakeholders
  • Improve long-term success and profitability
  • Conserve the environment