Cause-Related Marketing

Cause-Related Marketing


Cause Related Marketing- CRM, is one way where a corporation forms a partnership with a non-profit organization to promote a shared cause that is linked to their product sale. This has proven to be an incredibly beneficial way to enhance an organization's brand image with both internal and external stakeholders.
It helps to tap into a whole new; “socially and environmentally conscious”customer base, increase product and brand visibility ,garner consumer appreciation,increase sales and enhance brand loyalty. All this while profitably creating awareness for a social cause on a long term and sustainable basis.


  • SDG 3: Through our Pedh Lagao projects, planting trees will help to absorb toxic gases and reduce the chances of respiratory problems

  • SDG 4: Through our Green campus and Green tutorials initiative, we spread knowledge and educate people about sustainability and green practices required for our planet

  • SDG 6: Through Project Jal, we rejuvenate ponds and lakes which in-turn provide clean water to the locals for their chores

  • SDG 8: All of our sites employee locals from the region to help them be ambassadors of the forest

  • SDG 11: By urban plantations, we make cities more green and resilient for adverse climatic conditions

  • SDG 12: Through CRM, companies are producing and consumers are consuming more consciously

  • SDG 13: We reduce the impact of climate change by increasing green cover which acts as a carbon sink and reduce greenhouse effect

  • SDG 14: Through our pond restoration projects, we help to conserve water bodies and sustain it for future use

  • SDG 15: Through urban plantation, we transform the degraded land into a urban forest through Miyawaki method

  • SDG 17: We collaborate with various municipal corporations, corporates and other NGOs to achieve SDGs goal

Green Yatra’s Mission For CRM

  • Reintroduction of Carbon Sinks in Metropolitan Area

  • Educated and spread awareness among general public.

  • Promote sustainable lifestyle.

  • Make CRM align with citizens’ shared interest

  • Aid corporations to brand their product to a noble cause

Green Yatra believes that CRM has the best working strategy to achieve the SDG's in a manner that they Align the cause with that of the company, Align the cause with that of the NGO and Align the cause with that of the society