Go Green Ganesha

Go Green Ganesha

A fight against harmful Plaster of Paris (PoP) Ganesha idols

Every year, Ganesha Idols are made from harmful PoP across India and are submerged in the oceans. PoP, which is an insoluble powder, can be extremely harmful to the marine ecosystem. This is our fight against harmful PoP Ganesha dolls. This initiative was the first of its kind in 2009. Our goal is to save marine lives and the environment by adopting eco friendly Go Green Ganesha idols as an rnative to the harmful PoP idols which we very widely use during the Ganesha festival.

To achieve this goal we organize the following events in offices, colleges, malls and housing societies.

  • Awareness campaigns

  • Conduct FREE sessions on eco friendly clay Ganesha making

  • Give presentations on the harmful impact of PoP Ganesha idols on our marine lives and other solution-oriented activities


We have organised and conducted several campaigns and eco-friendly clay Ganesha making workshops across Mumbai. They have then been distributed around Mumbai to create awareness and reduce the use of PoP idols.