Systematic Waste Management

To support Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai’s waste management rules and regulation and "Swachh Bharat" Abhiyan we have designed complete waste management solution mechanism called "Systematic Waste Management (SWM)" to manage wet and dry waste.

Systematic Waste Management (SWM) is a scientific integrated organized process of inspection, waste audit, analysis, collection, transportation, storage, segregation, recovery mechanisms for recyclable material, reduction of waste volume and quantity and disposal of solid refuse residuals in an engineered sanitary landfill. It ensures zero carbon emission and minimal or no landfill.

Implementation of SMW is mandatory in Mumbai but waste management with us will earn respect and positive green image  for you and your organization along with many other benefits such as  carbon credits, waste audit & management and CSR activities.


Since 2012, we have stopped approx. 8,281,820 kilograms or 8,281 Metric Tons of garbage to go in the dumping grounds and saved emission of 27,327,000 kilograms or 27,327 tons of Carbon or Greenhouse Gases emission in the environment through Systematic Waste Management (SWM) for companies like McDonald’s, Oracle, Swiss RE etc.